Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Xtra Fun Shop Day

Although not a ton of stuff was accomplished yesterday was a fun day at the shop.
Chico Moto Troy is in town and stopped by to pull off a quick rewire, Wes D, Chris, & Matt all showed up as well.
It was nice to do some Tuesday bench racing.


Fashion Serial Killer said...

visitors are fun. i need some visitors. I promise I wont talk shit about AZ to you anymore-you'd just yell at me again! ;oP

barker said...

One of these days im going to make it up that way. yeah all the way to north county.

BCM said...

Man Matt I'm just as guilty of not making it down to see you guys.

One day..

theoldepro said...

maybe, just maybe there will be a meeting of the Boyle and Barker connection at the Tin Can Ale House this saturday night!!!!