Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dolphin Shorts or Life Like Hair?

Big Jim was always a bit creepy to me in that kind of 70's swinger with a lot of homo tendencies kind of way.
But BJ always lured me in with that Elsinore CR250 and Iron Head. Hell he had that badass camper truck "The Beast" and that "Jungle Truck" Bronco too.
After war lost it's allure and Gi Joe assembled the "Adventure Team" all he had was the Attex 6 wheeler which was my favorite anyway.
Then in the early 80's repop years I saw that Joe got himself some vintage iron in the form of a war era flathead. As a kid I would've thought that was a dumb bike and would've went looking for Big Jims dirt moto.



I hope to find one of those
plastic cr250's at a yard sale.
if I remember right, it was plastic
with rubber knobbies.
I vaguely recall playing with one when I was a little kid.
it was proportionally correct.

theoldepro said...

its great to see the attention to detail that they USED to put into toys. nowadays, it would just be a generic motorcycle. probably with a car engine or something.

Delivererer said...

I agree about the questionable manhood of Big Jim, but I had the Rescue Rig (Barbie motorhome with different graphics) and the Elsinore, which came with a long plastic fork-like apparatus with which to push the bike along. Awesome.