Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Philly Franks!

I introduced Matt and Chris to Philly Franks today & I think it went over really well.
Philly Franks is my little slice of Pennsylvania nestled away in a San Marcos, Ca strip mall. Whenever I need a fix I go and it's near my weld supply shop so I've been there a bunch lately.
Philly Franks is run by a transplanted Philadelphia family and in east coast style they all work there making it all the more traditional.
If your in the area go enjoy "The Works"!


Doug said...

Hell Yeah man! we got "The Original Cheesteak Shop" here close to us so i can relate..the works with the pickled hot peppers ROCKS for sure..been going there since 1985 when i sold Honda Motorcycles in Walnut Creek Ca.
Wife loves that place..riding bikes there is the way since parking is soo hard downtown and "The Man" is not tolerant

Eli Wolf said...

you know, i live about 3 minutes from there, never been, always wondered if it was any good.... have to grab one now..

Mare said...

You know it's official when they serve it on an Amoroso roll with wiz! Nice!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

mmmmmm makes me hungry.