Sunday, July 11, 2010

Street Chopper Party

Yesterday Pat & I rolled up to Curley's Cafe in Long Beach for the issue release party for the latest Street chopper Mag. In my opinion Mr. Holt and team are taking that publication to a new level. It's fun to be excited & looking forward the next issue of a magazine again, it's been awhile.
There was a good mix of nice bikes and as always it was good to just sit around and bs with the people I don't get to see often enough.


By Hand and By Brain said...

Kim-good to meet you-Come by next time your in the LBC.

BCM said...

That's your Trump Jason?
I love that bike! You killed it.

Neil said...

Your Pan looks pantastic. Really great work. Timeless style.

By Hand and By Brain said...

Yeah Man-You gotta come see the 1200...J-

Delivererer said...

I agree about Street Chopper. It's a great magazine and gets better each issue. My only bitch is the quarterly status. The piece in the new issue on your SR500 is great. Congrats on the bike and the article.