Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BCM 1980 RM125

I'm pretty pleased considering it's condition a couple weeks ago.
We really had no money to spend on this little project so most everything is the original parts cleaned up, massaged & doused in assembly lube.
Huge Thanks to Bob and his daughter Mia who put in some serious hours over the holiday weekend.
Now let's hope it doesn't blow up the first time I over-rev it through a turn.



looks VERY great.
the white side panels and numberplate with the DG tank decals and all the polished and clean parts.
don't ride it 100% because it's 32 years old and may have a massive heart attack or break it's hip.

t said...

wow looks great.

I had those DG tank decals on my 81 in 81

Fat-boy Clothing said...

Looks goods!!!
Like Roger De Coster