Friday, June 10, 2011

High Point Weekend.

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania made High Point our hometown MX national and it always seemed to mark the official beginning of our summer.
The amount of mayhem that went down in the campsites on Saturday night was always insane, there were times when we were knee deep in it and other times you were running as fast as you could to get away from it.
1986 wasn't the last time I camped at High Point but it was the year we all got kicked out by promoter Rita Coombs for a tire fire that blistered the paint on more than a few nearby cars.
(Some how by morning we had talked our way back in)
I've since befriended the Coombs family and 15 years later on some odd x-games bender in San Fran I apologized to Davey Coombs and we had a laugh.
Today the Coombs family still run the race & the dates have changed, I've also heard that they had to seriously clamp down on the campers but every year I feel like I should be packing up for a weekend of racing & drunken debauchery.

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