Friday, December 23, 2011



Sideburn Magazine said...

Did you know that this is Sete Gibernau, the former MotoGP star? I interviewed him about this once.
Happy holidays. Loving the blog and your work. G

PS I've just seen how much those Wolverine 1000 mile boots (that I think you bought) cost in the UK. £750! More than my 'new' 1999 Speed Triple. Never scrimp on shoes.

BCM said...

I did not know that. This photo is amazing, judging by the look of perseverance on his face it's no wonder he went on to be a successful racer.

BTW, the boots were a gift, a really nice gift.

Chris Saddler Sam said...

hi both!

i was about exactly this thing:
wtf the fuck is that lil boy!!
he's everywhere in the last weeks!
on every blog!!


bravo sete!
a great rider indeed!
too bad he had to face a great valentino on his best!


cheers bros!