Monday, March 12, 2012

Cal VMX Round 3 (Gary Chaplin Day)

Every now and then Cal VMX does a featured rider race day, yesterday's MX legend was Gary Chaplin. 
At the awards ceremony Gary took the time to sign & have a chat with every rider who won a plaque. This means so much more too me than the gaudy combo of plastic and cheap marble usually associated with good results at a local race.

Milestone MX Park

Oakley 1's
I was stoked to see these.

 Kawi w650 powered sidecar

best bike stand

Trackmaster framed SL350 & it's builder/pilot.

The husband & wife sidecar team.
Good folks.

Turn 2 & I'm going wide just hoping the mayhem stays on the inside line.
It kind of worked.


theoldepro said...

did the slow bike come in #1?!


that green tanked Honda SL125 (or whatever it is) is the coolest bike I have ever seen in my entire life.
all those bikes are great. thanks for the report.

BCM said...

TOP: The bike & the rider, Yes.

Marshall: I agree the bike is amazing. The pipe, the hand formed air box all great. I should've took more photos.

Bob Johnson said...

Maybe I need to wash my bike. Since that seemed to work for the 125 that ran like an 80.

BCM said...

BobJo: Oh it's still running like shit. I just held it open braked with the clutch. Zero elevation changes on this track didn't hurt either.
A complete tear down is tonight.

theoldepro said...

well of course bike & rider. I've never doubted the rider's ability!