Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Levi's & Jeep

  Mighty FC Concept

Just my two cents but I'm thinking  the "Jeep Mighty FC Concept" should be dressed in Levi's trim.
The Levi's CJ5 Renegade was a big damn deal in my home town.
I was 10.

Ok Someone at AMC had a bro at Levi's or vice versa.
ink: Levi's Gremlin

And here's the pacer


jason webber said...

I've been following the Mighty FC concept for a minute now, such a rad looking truck. Always wanted to build an early FC frim the 50's/60's.

grant said...

There was a gremlin i think with Levi interior too

Isaak M said...

some car math:

Levis Pacer > other Levis edition vehicles

Chris Saddler Sam said...

so cool all of them!

and that truck on the first pic, it looks a lot like the mercedes unimog!
dont u think?

motoguru. said...

My neighbor growing up had/has the Honcho pick-up with the Levi's interior. So hipster, so before it was "cool".

motoguru. said...