Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This past weekend I met a beautiful Honda GB500 and it's owner Christian.
(Sorry if I butchered your name I really need to stop drinking or start writing shit down)
Great Dude and really clean bike.
Basically a sleeved down XR-XL 600 motor tucked in a cafe inspired chassis, nice clean lines on the tins & a beautiful set stock 18" wheels off the dealer floor with aluminum drop center rims.
I was pretty taken by this bike in her stock shoes but I would love to clean up some of the stock clutter and shave a few pounds as well, however this seems to be a purist cult collector kind of machine & I have a feeling I'd have some angry people filling my inbox.
Fuck em, I hope I find one someday.
**random thieved interweb photos**


steviemonster said...

That thing is all there....great potential to strip it down abit i agree...few bits want putting on flea bay....then itd be perfick!! x

Christian said...

Thanks, Kim

It was great meeting you and your crew at the Slabs.

I go back and forth to customize it or leave it stock all the time. Im leaning more to customize it. I cant take it with me to the grave, right.

vincent prat said...

This bike was really successful,and is still not outdated
I see a Gt Austin on the background 8))love it