Friday, April 15, 2011


It looks like Cameron replaced that 61 Ferrari 250GT with a 1989 Rothmans rally car and it's all for sale. There's more pictures and video via the link.
ebay link: Porsche
*I know that house has been up for sale for quite a while too.


matt machine said...

hey kim speyer is one of my favourite architects....that house is one of his best...he also loved hot girls and fast cars ...he owned a miura i think..

BCM said...

Ok then, I just went & bought an A.James Speyer book so I can learn.
Thanks Matt

matt machine said...

nice one mate.he studied under mies van der rohe for a while i think...fuck that was such a good time for architects...the shit they were doing was so good...ive always thought next time in the US i would love to ride to palm springs and seeing the richard neutra house and albert frey houses etc.....

matt machine said... 5 days later i get this flash that the lambo owner was craig elwood....another architect of similar ilk...right...i better get my books out.