Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun & productive weekend.

The weather has been so amazing that we had an impromptu Friday night BBQ for 15.
Eating around the picnic table with all the doors in the house wide open during the first week of January is plenty good reason to put up with all of So Cal's BS.
Saturday Bob & I dug around is Larsons Tupperware container of parts, it turned into an entire day of playing around with the bike & here's some photos from what came of it.
We're pretty pleased however, the forks still needs lowered another inch or so, spool hub laced up, fork lowers stripped to the silver, finish weld the bars, a head light that's not zip tied on Landman style, shorten the clutch lever, various bits to powder coat & weld up some new pipes.
But I have to say now the riding position just feels oh so right.
Yesterday I cut down & slugged a set of Biltwell Windows bars for Matt in hopes that him & his band mates don't jack with my stuff.
Purely a personal preference/opinion, I actually kind of like them now?


theoldepro said...

bars look great.....finishing up those seams here i come!

Anonymous said...

Freedom Rock!