Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kawi Dingers

It seems that Bob has stumbled across quite a large stash of H1's, H2's, motors & parts and he managed to score a 71 H1 for a real nice price(hence the two posts).
I'm not sure but I may be more excited about it than him, I just can't wait to hear, smell and twist the grip on this baby & then dive into it and see what turns up.
Hell the Star Trek chick even likes the H1!


Doug said...

Yo Kim, my 1976 H2500 looked just like that bottom burgundy one but with alloys & spokes, wish my dencos were raw but mine were black..2500 in 3rd gear will be an awesome feeling and sound..ask anyone who had one..or 8000 fat into 3rd & 4th gear shifting..holy shit i miss that

Anonymous said...
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FloridaSteve said...

Nice bikes. I'm the guy who actually took the pictures of the brown and green Kawi's up there. Thre's a bit more to getting the old triples going (especially if it's been sitting for a while) than most folks think. Lots of rubber engine seals to go bad and such.

Anyway head over to for one of the most helpful triple boards out there. Great bunch of gents.