Monday, January 25, 2010


It was non stop.
The Lady is at Sun dance Film Festival painting the faces of the stars so Bob & kids moved in for a couple of nights, add 3 birthdays, two celebrations & two days of long hours on Pauly's BMW & that was our weekend.
We're pretty much on the home stretch with this thing, fab a plate/taillight mount, Craig from Front Street Cycle has a better fender on the way for mounting then it's tear down for paint & plate.
Paul is going for old Husqvarna moto style paint scheme (black w/some lighter color of keyline/stripe) on the tank so that's why the tank is partially polished


Michael said...

that bikes a beast! Its coming along great and that top picture in the dark is great!

Dan Born said...

Looking good. excited to see it completed.

Flatironmike said...

sweet mother of dual piped macktacular holiness. git her done!

calebwilkerson said...

love it.
this bike eats my lunch.
and i like that.

BCM said...

Thank You,
Paul is pretty excited about it and that's all that matters to me.

I'm not sure what that means?

Anonymous said...


mrk_d said...

Love it. Something about the BMW engines does it for me.

YJH said...

bcm, I am madly in love with this machine_could you tell me who owns it_many thanks_many congratulations for bcm_YJH (Southsiders MC)