Saturday, January 30, 2010

Help! Parts Needed.

Needed, a 21" spool wheel, 5/8" & a front axle as well.


DirtFloorJim said...

Saw one today at a swap meet in NJ. Go to the Jersey Scum group on ChopCult and see if somebody going tomorrow can pick it up for ya if it's still there. Somebody posted a cell # that's going tomorrow. The swap meet is small and it should be found easy. It was very near the center of the room. Hope it helps.

theoldepro said...

is he getting rid of that sporty front wheel and tire that's currently on the triumph? let me know if so.

t said...

Olympia beer .. toured the brewery when I was a kid.. even snuck a good size drink from the free beer my grandfather had at the end of the tour. "It's the Water"
Sadly no longer brewed in Olympia anymore.. even the Iconic Rainier brewery is a gawdamn Tully's these days with the big R replaced with a T. The lousy light Rail stole the Rainier R to use at their main station. Place has gone to shit.

BCM said...

I hear you T.
Rolling Rock Brewed in St Louis??? Come on.