Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My longtime friends over at Biltwell are diving in head first yet again, this time with Chop Cult.
Chop cult will be an online news magazine with all the bells and whistles scheduled to launch this summer.
BCM is backing this in a big way as I've been more than disenchanted with the existing MC forums for some time now.
If you've been on an EDR, attended Chop Meet or The Bash you know this crew is more than capable of doing great things.
Go sign up & help these guys get the ball rolling.


Flatironmike said...

don't do it....

it's a cook book!

BCM said...

How to cook homemade corned beef hash on rocker boxes & shit like that?

Harold McGruther said...

Thanks for the juice BCM,

Thanks for the goose, FIM.

Giannis said...

Nice Stuff!!!
i like the logo very Psychedelic 60s...