Monday, June 22, 2009

A Good Summer Weekend

Saturday morning Pat & I got a bunch of random bike stuff done around the shop. Saturday afternoon close friends Paul, Dina and Isebella invited us over for a Maryland Blue Crab feast. Paul hails from Baltimore and his Mom is kind enough to over night a shipment every now and again. I've had the chance to enjoy a few of these meals of fun now and it always a good time. The girls threw in the paper towel early but Paul and I managed to polish off the bushel & a bunch of Brazilian beers.
Good stuff, & big thanks.
Sunday chop 101 with guest professor, Joel.
Sundays have gotten to be super fun, people come and go, help out, jaw a little, shit gets done and my recycle bin overflows with empties.
Fun house Bob.

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Anonymous said...

Good times!!! Next time fried oysters and softcrab sanwiches, Hun.